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Understanding Metamorphosis

Understanding Metamorphosis Thumbnail Image
Grade 3 students watched as caterpillars gobbled up food, tuned big and round, made their way to a hanging spot, spun a chrysalis, waited...waited.... and then later emerged as Painted Ladies butterflies. Right before our eyes the life cycle of a butterfly became very real! Students learned how to approach the butterfly and let it walk onto their finger. Then students slowly lifted them out of their cage and watched as they pumped their wings getting ready to take flight. Off they went to start the cycle all over again! Many thanks to School Board Member Tom Fleps for getting these little wonders to us!

Kindergarten Creates & Presents Animal Habitats

Kindergarten Creates & Presents Animal Habitats Thumbnail Image
Learning about animals brings a lot of energy and smiles to our kindergartners. Ms. Carey's Star Academy Kindergarten class recently visited the Memphis zoo after studying animal habitats. Each child chose an animal and created habitats to match. Students gave oral presentations to the class. Soaring high Little Eagles!

Learning Outside The Classroom

Learning Outside The Classroom Thumbnail Image
Congrats to our 2nd Grader Ronnie Martin for participating in the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship! Ronnie traveled to Paris, TN this past weekend to participate in this championship. He was won in his age division! We are so proud of this eagle!!