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Wit & Wisdom Inspires Future Meteorologists

Wit & Wisdom Inspires Future Meteorologists Thumbnail Image
There's a new way to learn English Language Arts! Grades K through 2 are starting each lesson with a complex text. With guidance from their teachers, students are active participants in wondering about and noticing the critical details in the text. Students analyze and compare information, cite evidence from the text, and discuss their findings with each other. These second grade students are discussing and writing about the impact of weather on plants and animals. At Southwest Elementary, it is cool to be smart!

Thinking Goes Best With Physical Activity

Thinking Goes Best With Physical Activity Thumbnail Image
Mrs. Mitchell's 2nd Grade Star class worked hard on identifying words that are unfamiliar to them in a complex text called, A Sky Tree. In addition, they tackled a tough task of deciding if the previous texts they read were Informational or Narrative. Finally, after all of their thinking and discussing, they gave their brains a break and danced it out to a Go Noodle physical activity.

Mother-Son Dance Memories For A Lifetime

Mother-Son Dance Memories For A Lifetime Thumbnail Image
Saturday evening moms and sons created some precious memories as they danced the night away. The power of music brought the feelings out in everyone! Whether hip hop, group line dance, or that oh, so special slow dance- moms and sons had lots of loving moments to share. Creating memories is a specialty at Southwest! A super big thank you to our teachers, Piperton Methodist Church adopters, and PTO who teamed up to make this event a success.