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Parent Involvement Plan

Parent Involvement Plan

"Together We Are One"

School Level Parent Involvement Plan

Written School Level Parental Involvement Plan

Southwest Elementary developed the School Level Parental Involvement Plan based upon the requirements of Title I. This plan also meets the district requirements as outlined in the Fayette County Family Engagement Policy. Recognizing the responsibility shared by the school and family, Southwest Elementary is committed to involving families in the development of the parental involvement plan. The written parent involvement plan, including the development of a family compact, outlines the expectations and provisions needed to support families, the school and community.




  1. Southwest Elementary has jointly developed, with parents, a written parental

involvement plan.

2.      Parents will have an opportunity to discuss and provide input through the PTO

Executive Council and the complete membership of the Parent Teacher

Organization, the Title I Site Based Committee and the Parent Advisory

Committee, a committee comprised of parent volunteers.

  1. Parents and staff members will have an opportunity to provide input through

     school level surveys and district parent surveys available on the school system’s


4.      Information gained from the surveys will be used to review and improve the

parent involvement plan and programs

5.      The plan will remain available for review at the school site and will be updated to

meet the changing needs of parents and the school.

6.      Student progress assessments and curriculum information will be made available

through written and verbal communications

7.      Comments by parents of participating children concerning dissatisfaction with the

Parent Involvement Plan will be collected, reviewed and included in revisions of

the plan.

8.      Title I will host an annual meeting in the fall of each school year to inform parents

of its school wide status and requirements, the parental involvement plan and

parents’ right to be involved in the school.

9.      Parent meetings will be scheduled before, during and after school.

10.      Sign-in sheets will be used to document attendance and participation


11.      A copy of written school level parent involvement will be sent home to parents annually and will be available as a link on the district website. Translation of the document will be provided to ELL families upon request



School-Parent Compact


The school and the parents of Southwest Elementary have jointly developed a school- parent compact as a component of its written parental involvement plan. The compact describes the school’s responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and instruction to meet academic standards in supportive learning environment. The compact describes the ways parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning and the importance of ongoing communication between teachers and parents.




  1. A copy of the Southwest Elementary School-Parent Compact will be included in

the school handbook.

2.      Parents will meet with teachers during the fall parent-teacher conference to

discuss the School-Parent Compact as it relates to the individual child’s

achievement. Additional conference dates and times will be offered before,

during and after school.

3.      The school will review the School-Parent Compact annually and seek input from

parents, teachers and students.

4.      The compact will be written in a format and understandable language that parents

can understand. Translation of the document will be provided to ELL families

upon request.

5.      The School-Parent Compact will support school-parent communications,


     ·   Frequent student progress reports, TCAP results, report cards, progress

reports, DIBELS assessment, and CAI reports.

·   Access to school staff, an opportunity to volunteer, participate and observe

their child’s classroom.

·   The School-Parent Compact and information concerning parental involvement

programs will be made available to parents and the community at the school

site and on the school system’s website.










Building Capacity for Involvement with Parents, School and Community to Improve Student Academic Achievement


Southwest Elementary recognizes the importance of building a partnership between the school, the parents and the community to improve student academic achievement through training, information, and coordination activities. A variety of planned, goal-oriented programs will be implemented to improve parenting practices, promote positive school-home communication, opportunities to volunteer, learning at home, decision-making and collaborating with the community.




  1. Parent workshops to help parents improve student achievement will be

            scheduled before, during, and after the school day.

  1. Services may be provided to assist parents to improve parent participation.
  2. Parents will be notified of scheduled parent conferences, parent meetings and workshops in a timely manner, with reminder notices prior to the meeting time
  3. Parents will be notified of school programs in a monthly brochure.
  4. Parents will be notified of parent programs through notes, memos, and school and classroom newsletters and a school link from the district website.
  5. Parent involvement and informational brochures, pamphlets, and books will be checked out to parents through the Title I office.
  6. A link to the Tennessee State Department from the district web site will allow parents to view the state curriculum for each grade and subject and will be available at the school site.
  7. Useful parent websites will be made available as a link from the district website.
  8. Parents will be notified by the attendance department of the school of for frequent absences to meet attendance goals.
  9. District and school staff members will present themselves in a friendly, respectful, and helpful manner, will be accessible to parents, and will welcome parents as volunteers, trainers, and observers.
  10. Title I funds will be used to provide parent information sessions to help parents monitor student progress and how to work with educators to improve student achievement.
  11. Professional development will be provided to all staff members on the value and

usefulness of parent contributions, improved communication techniques and the

coordination and implementation of parent programs.

  1. Professional development will be provided as a coordinated effort with the Reading First schools in the district.
  2. Parents of Pre-School students (if applicable) will be encouraged to attend all parent workshops and will be invited to serve on parent advisory and other involvement committees.
  3. Parents with limited English proficiency, disabilities and migrant will be provided informational materials in an understandable format and language to the extent practicable.