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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Dear Southwest Elementary Families:

I want to give a warm welcome to all our Southwest families!  I can’t believe how quickly these first few weeks have gone. It seems like it was just a few days ago that we began this new school year.  We have started this school year on a very positive note.  We have terrific young people and it shows!  Every morning we engage in a morning affirmation: Adults say the bolded letters and the students respond with the gold letters. 
 Every Child. Learning Every Day. 
Are you ready to make it so today?   
Yes, we can and yes we will!  
Because in our school, it is cool to be smart.  
And in our school, it is not cool to bully.  
Because Southwest is....the best school in the whole wide world!

I am sure by now you have heard about the Eagle’s Nest and Eagle Egg Slips. Students earn these Eagle Egg slips by doing the right thing (respectful, safe, responsible, and kind) without chart in the cafeteria.  When the chart is full there is a mystery event.  Our first mystery event was a Wii Party!   Another even  t is in the works and it remains a mystery!  Our fabulous PTO is conducting the Eagle Egg store every other Friday (among other great plans!).  Students can “purchase” school supplies and other fun items with their Eagle Egg slips-no money please—just Eagle Eggs!!  Sometimes students see something they want but don’t have enough Eagle Eggs YET! This helps encourage saving!   I invite you to join the PTO and watch our Southwest Eagles soar!!! 

In addition to positive behavior initiatives, we are dedicated to assisting all our students develop a growth mindset with their academic studies. We have STAR and Regular Academies at each grade level. All students will encounter academic experiences that are challenging.  This is to be expected and honored. These challenges will also come with the appropriate safety net so that students do not fail with their attempts.   You can also expect that our Southwest teachers will do all in their power to see that all students grow as scholars and as good citizens.  Please stay in touch regularly with your child’s teacher to share insights and concerns.  

It didn’t take me long to recognize what a terrific school we have!  I love the students, families, and faculty here and I am honored to be the Chief of School for Southwest Elementary! (New Title: Formerly Principal) The potential here is unlimited and by working together we can make wonderful memories and build strong academic skills/habits that will make future academic success a reality for “our” kiddos! 

Thanks to all who have stopped by to meet me!  Should you need to speak with me, please don’t hesitate to call the school (901) 465-8317 or my cell (901) 282-3049   Also, please follow us on Twitter: @EaglesSouthwest

I am looking forward to a terrific Southwest Eagle year!!